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What Winter May Be Doing to Your Wood Garden Table

As you consider the impact of winter on your garden you're probably thinking about all the plants that are likely being damaged or even killed by this weather.
You may be wondering if they're ever going to come back from day after day after day of freezing temperatures.
A lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about this and how they're going to recover from any damage.
But what about the garden table you left out there with all those plants? Have you considered what winter might be doing to it? For many people, they don't even think about that wood table in the garden until they go out in spring to try and fix up the rest of the garden and realize it needs some help to.
Unfortunately, most people don't consider their outdoor furniture when it comes to damage the weather can do.
They just expect it to put up with anything and everything.
Some of this logic makes sense.
After all, it's called outdoor furniture for a reason, right? The answer to this is a yes and no answer.
While yes, it is outdoor furniture that does not mean it can withstand everything that nature may send its way.
So, at this point you generally have two options.
The first is to cover or bring the table in to stop it from being damaged.
If that's not an option for you then you should at least take the time to understand what kind of damage it might face and how you're going to deal with that when spring comes.
The Damages The first type of damage you are likely going to see on any garden table is some cracking.
This happens for two reasons.
First, winter weather is dry and causes the wood to dry out.
Second, once the wood dries and gets a small crack, water can get into that crack.
When the temperature drops again that water expands as it freezes.
This can cause more pronounced cracks in the surface of the table.
Finish damage is the next of the problems you'll likely see with your garden table after winter.
Paint and other finishes become more fragile when they freeze.
This means it's much easier for them to crack or chip away during the winter.
Now add to this the typical wind that comes with winter.
Strong wind can blow all sorts of debris into your furniture finish, which has already become more fragile.
This debris can have an effect that's almost like sand blasting away the finish of your furniture.
The last thing you need to be aware of his changes to the hardware in your furniture that can happen during winter.
The constant freezing and thawing process wreaks havoc on the hardware of your furniture.
Often it can loosen itself as the material it is attached to expands and contracts with the changing temperatures.
That means one of the first things you should do when spring comes is go over each piece of hardware on your garden table to make sure it is secure.
You might be surprised to see just how much tightening you have to do to make your table solid again.

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