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Camping Trips - Plan to Make it Fun!

The great outdoors.
In our minds we have a great image of pitching a tent and breathing in the clean mountain air.
However, the image we have in our minds isn't always the reality we will encounter on a family camping trip.
So what can you do to make sure your next camping trip is fun for the kids as well as relaxing for you? Plan for Fun! So many times we decide to go camping at the last minute.
You throw the tent in the car or load up the camper and away you go.
Unfortunately, when you get to your destination you often find that it is lacking in activities for children.
Many campsites will be located by a lake or other attractions, but kids want to be entertained all the time! Take some fun outdoor games such as a badminton set or horseshoes.
If you have room, let the kids take their bikes and allow them to explore the area close to where you are camping.
If you are near a lake or a beach, take some sand toys.
Kids can dig and build in the sand for hours on end! You may also want to consider taking some quiet time activities as well.
Books, board games and coloring books are great choices.
You can't always predict the weather so having activities like this on hand can help pass the time if a sudden rain store appears.
Plan the Food! Camping food is a special type of food.
Somehow everything just tastes better when you eat outdoors! Make sure you plan for enough meals and snacks for your trip.
Take fun campfire foods such as hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores.
If you plan to cook over a campfire, make sure you know the rules of the camp area.
You will also need to bring your own firewood.
Many camping areas don't like you using the native plants to fuel your fire.
To making camp cooking fun for kids, allow them to create their own hobo dinners and cook them in the fire.
Let them help set the picnic table and find sticks for roasting hot dogs.
Kids really enjoy being a part of everything when it comes to camping so let them help where ever they can.
Plan the Clothing! Remember the temperatures in the mountains are often much chillier than they are in the valleys.
Plan to take jackets and long pants.
You will probably like wearing shorts and t-shirts during the day, but as soon as the sun sets you will want something warm! Also make sure you bring along sturdy shoes.
It isn't fun or practical to hike in sandals or flip-flops.
In addition to the obvious things you will want to bring, don't forget necessary items such as toilet paper and a first aid kit.
Everyone should have their own flashlight and extra batteries as well.
If you plan well, your next camping trip is sure to be fun.
You will enjoy spending time with your family and build great memories in the process.

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