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Poker Bonuses Types

Poker bonuses are very attractive and these catch that attraction of a large section of players.teh online gaming experience is liked by all the players as they can play their favorite games and experience the atmosphere of the casinos right from the comfort of their homes. The virtual games at online casinos also give out bonuses to their players. The amount that casinos give out to their player varies. There are roughly three types of bonuses that are given by online casinos. These options are available to the players who play the games at online casinos.

There is the first deposit bonus that is given out to the poker players when they make their first make their first deposit. This bonus depends a lot on the amount that a player has deposited in his first deposit. In most cases, the first deposit that a player makes is not a very large amount. The bonus that he gets from that first deposit is hundred percent. This bonus goes on increasing after each bonus. Take for example, if a player deposits the first amount of $200 then it clearly is evident that he makes a deposit of $200 and gets another $200 as bonus. This bonus is not easy to get as it may seem to be. The player gets this bonus for sure after he makes the first deposit. But there is a clause that he will not be able to use that amount until and unless some requirements set by the casino is met. These requirements that enable a player to use the bonus amount are known as wagering requirements. These requirements are different for different casinos. This means, a casino might have low wagering requirements while the other casino might have high wagering casino.

There is also a no deposit bonus that you can avail. After signing at the virtual poker room, the player gets the no deposit bonus. This bonus does not require any deposit to be made. The bonus gets added to the player's account within a span of 72 hours. The no deposit can vary from $3 to $50. This bonus can be an exception for the new players who might get more bonus amount. The casinos give this bonus in higher amount to the new players so that they can lure the new players with more and more bonuses. The casinos have a rule that they do not allow one player to possess more than one account at a time.

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