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What One Thing Makes a Guy Fall in Love? This One

Some people say that nothing makes a guy fall in love.
They will tell you that men do not fall in love.
However, they are wrong.
Men do meet a woman that they like, and then the relationship grows.
It happens all the time.
And it is usually based on one thing.
What is that? What is the one thing that makes a guy fall in love? You need to know; if you do not know, you will be using the wrong bait.
How useless that is.
But let us tell you about this one thing; use the tips we provide and you will see that there is one thing that makes a guy fall in love.
And that things is your: Personality.
Are you surprised? Did you think it would be good looks or money? It is true that those things can attract men; but that attraction is superficial and has nothing to do with love.
The real attraction that you want a man to have will be based on your personality - who you really are.
Male psychology says that if you want to make a guy fall in love and make him commit to you, you need to develop a great personality.
That includes doing some things and avoiding doing other things.
The best dating advice will tell you to DO these things: · Smile.
Smile at him.
When you smile at someone, you make them feel good.
They usually smile back; now they feel good about you.
So give him a little smile.
· Tell a joke.
Learn a good joke every so often, perhaps every week.
Tell the joke and be sure to laugh at the punch line.
People love a good joke and they love to laugh.
This will make you very attractive.
· Say nice things.
Compliment him.
When he does something that was difficult or something for someone else, give him a compliment.
If you make him feel good about himself, he will feel good about you.
If you want romance and marriage and so on, AVOID these things: · Complaining.
People who complain just bring other people down.
People will avoid someone who complains all the time.
· Demanding.
When we are demanding, people usually feel that we are not being fair.
This will turn off a man very quickly.
· Smothering.
Do not expect to spend all your time with this man or to talk or text all the time.
Everyone needs some space and some alone time.
You will be more attractive if you do not smother.
There you go.
Things to do.
Things to NOT do.
Pay attention to the one thing that makes a guy fall in love - your personality.

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