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Container Gardening - It"s As Easy As One, Two, Three!

Why start a container garden? Times have changed, most people nowadays have smaller yards, smaller families and have both partners working full time jobs.
We don't see the large yard gardens as much as we did years ago, when mom was home to take care of a large garden, then can and freeze the produce.
Most people had large families and they had to stretch their income, which made growing their own food a necessity.
Caring for the garden usually involved the whole family with all the watering, weeding and harvesting.
Gardening in those days was a big chore.
Container gardening has changed all of that, and you can still maintain all the benefits of a larger garden.
With smaller families to feed and less free time, container gardening is the perfect solution.
Starting one is inexpensive and takes little time; it's also an enjoyable and relaxing time.
So why not give it a try? It really is as easy as one, two, three! You can look at container gardening as downsizing.
You don't need a lot of room.
Choose an area that you can place the number of containers you would like.
Decide what you would like to grow.
Maybe some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, what ever you like.
Depending on the size of your containers you can even plant more than one type of vegetable in the same container.
Or, you may want to plant a vegetable in the center and then some small colorful flowers around the edges.
That would certainly add some color and beauty to your garden.
There are many sites you can search online to learn about different plants and what they require.
You can even order the plants and containers online.
This way you can get ideas on how you want your garden to look.
This also gives you the option of having a unique look to your garden, with all the choices you can find in different or unusual containers, not the smaller, cookie cutter selection that you find at most stores.
So once you have your plants, containers and soil, you are ready to go! Plant your garden and watch it grow! Enjoy your harvest, and the pride of growing it all yourself.
You won't have to worry about the maintenance, it's easy.
No weeding, just a little watering and that's it.
Your family can enjoy fresh vegetables and beautiful floral bouquets from right at home.
Gardening has changed, and I'm sure once you try container gardening you will become hooked on it.
It's the new way to garden for the modern family.
And like I said, it's as easy as one, two, three!

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