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Infant Caring Games for Kids

    Taking Care of Baby

    • At first glance, this game may seem impossible to play, as most of the text is not in English. However, most of the game does not require reading, and the parts that do, such as "Start," "Time," and "Score," have English titles. This game takes place in the nursery of a hospital, where you are a nurse trying to care for all of the babies there, settling each new one as it arrives. Click on a baby to go to it. Click on its bed to put it down for a nap, and click on it again to pick it up. When a baby cries, go to it and check the thought bubble to see what it needs. Take the baby to the table with that item on it and the baby will stop crying. As the beds fill it, becomes a race to see if you can keep ahead of all the crying babies. Kids age 6 and older can play this free online game.

    Terrible Triplets

    • This online game can get quite challenging as you try to babysit for a set of infant triplets. You are babysitting so their mother can get some rest, and as the babies cry, you must look at their thoughts, then drag the right item to the right baby. If you aren't quick enough, their mother will come in to scold you, but if you get it right, the babies will be quiet and happy. Caring for them involves changing diapers; feeding, cleaning, and rocking them; and more. This free game is good for kids 7 and up.

    Baby Dow

    • You must register and create an account to play this free game, so players younger than 13 should check with a parent first. At the start of the game, you create your baby, choosing skin, hair, and eye color; name; and more. As you play, the baby will become hungry, tired, dirty, and more. A helper appears onscreen to guide you through the process of caring for the baby, making sure that it gets what it needs in the right amounts and at the right times. This game involves a certain amount of reading and is best for players ages 9 and up. It includes a lot of detail and will help kids learn a lot about the needs of a real baby.

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