Seasonal Candles

    • Sell candles that correspond to an upcoming holiday, season or major event. Themed candles can be very popular, particularly with the student's family. Sell candles that are shaped like different cultural icons. For example, around Christmas, sell candles shaped like a Christmas tree or Santa Claus. Be creative with the candle scents, as well. For Christmas-themed candles, use scents like cinnamon, cookies, apple cider and pumpkin pie.


    • Provide samples of the candles you are selling. When people are able to see, touch and smell what they are going to get, they are much more likely to make a purchase. Scent is the most common reason for choosing a candle. With just a brochure, customers can only guess at what the candles smell like. For your sample candles, choose a good array of scents and shapes, so the customers have a variety to experience. You can even ask the manufacturer which candles are the best selling and use those as your samples.

    Sales Incentives

    • Offer sales incentives to both your student sellers and their customers. Student sellers will be more inspired to sell as many candles as possible if there is a chance of a prize for their efforts. Give out prizes on an escalating scale. Everyone should get a prize for participating, while the students that sell more or the most candles get better prizes based on merit. Offer customers a free gift with the purchase of multiple candles. For example, you can offer a deal where they can buy two candles and get one free.


    • Offer many different types of candles, including religious, homemade, flameless, multicolor, soy and gel candles, or even potpourri wax. Sell taper, votive, pillar, jar, tea light and possibly even birthday candles. Try to anticipate the interests of any possible buyers. You might also consider selling a second product that accents your candles. The secondary product might be incense, oils or other scented products. These products would also work as an excellent free gift with purchase.

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