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Why Does My Computer Make Sounds When My Cell Phone Rings?

    Electromagnetic Interference

    • Almost all pieces of electronics act as radio transmitters, creating electromagnetic waves. David Grier, chair of the physics department at New York University, explained that computers emit more electromagnetic waves than other electronics because they process so many functions. Consequently, the interference between the cell phone signal and the computer's wave is particularly noticeable around computers.

    Other Devices

    • Cell phone users may also experience the odd sound around other electronics, such as televisions and radios. These devices also emit electromagnetic waves and the cellular signal may interfere with those waves as well.

    Cell Phone Signals

    • Cell phones work by communicating with towers, which then relay the calls to other networks. The signal operates on line of sight so electromagnetic interference will be more pronounced if the handset is close to a computer, television or radio.

    Constant Communication

    • Towers and cell phones constantly communicate with each other. Therefore, the cell phone signal can interfere with other electromagnetic waves even if the phone is not receiving a call.


    • There is no way to stop electromagnetic interference. Try keeping cell phones away from other electronics to minimize the effects of the interference.

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