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Motocross Racing For Kids - The Right Way and the Wrong Way

Keep some important things in mind once you have allowed your son or daughter to begin racing motocross or go-karts at a young age.
Top of the line safety equipment like motocross helmets and motocross body armor should have been step one.
Letting your child have fun all day at the race track is step two.
At times there are long layovers between motos.
Make sure there is something fun for the children to do during down time.
Don't let your expectations get in the way of a good racing experience.
Every moto completed is a victory for you and your child.
Your child will have between 3 and 6 motos per racing day.
Those motos may only occur once per hour at some tracks.
This creates lots of down time for racers and families at the track.
Kids are full of energy.
After your child gets off his or her bike after a run, he is ready for the next task.
Throw around a baseball, or bring a pogo stick to bounce on.
A kid who loves to race loves to keep active.
To worry about the bike's condition is the responsibility of the parent.
Make sure the day at the track is surrounded by snacks, friends, and fun.
The main thing you should not do to your child is make him or her feel badly about his performance.
Unfortunately there are kids who spend their time between motos being chewed out by their fathers instead of having fun with friends.
No matter what happens on the track, your child needs to enjoy the experience.
Even if your child finishes last on that top of the line 5000.
00 dollar bike, it's not his or her fault.
It's your fault for spending that much.
Don't be that parent.
Starting your child racing motocross before age 10 should be done with one goal in mind.
That goal is fun.
Proper motocross gear and safety equipment needs should be taken care of long before you see the track.
Your son or daughter does not need coaching on entry speed or throttle control at age 5.
They will experiment with that as they become more comfortable.
Let your young racer enjoy the family time they have with you.
These strategies will make sure your child always associates fun with racing.

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