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Attraction Marketing Success Ingredients: How To Be Wildly Successful in Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is a relatively new term in the lexington of internet jargon. Attraction marketing can be defined as a style of marketing utilizing social online media like YouTube and Facebook and Twitter on the internet as leverage to build a business online from home.
I've listed a few key ingredients that will create the success we are all looking for in this highly lucrative and rewarding field of attraction marketing:
1. Posture: You hear it all the time," I'm a newbie."

Nothing will kill your chances more quickly than proclaiming to the world that you're new at this.

Interpretation: I have no clue on what I'm doing so I couldn't possibly be of any help to you in fulfilling your goals and dreams... Next.

Sure, we all have to start from somewhere, but you don't need to broadcast your lack of knowledge to the world - it comes across as socially inept.

It doesn't take but a week or two to become familiar with a form of online marketing that will allow you to know 'a lot more' than most people and thus you can create a bit of expertise, thus making you a non-newbie.
The second part to posture is to be yourself... your best, professional self. By all means, model traits of successful people that you like and imitate their characteristics and qualities, but be your own person. Speak your own words. You need congruency from start to finish in the style and words you use and speak - from your capture page, to follow up emails to any other marketing you do.
2.Attraction marketing using the team approach verses being the sought after guru.

Understand that people are all asking the same questions, either in their head or directed towards you:Do I trust this person?
Do I like this person?
and Can I do this?

If you come from a team approach, people aren't going to be intimidated and turned off by feeling they have to become some amazingly talented guru and take years to attain that status.
3. List Building: Critically important.

I can't stress enough how important it is to build your own list using your own autoresponder such as Aweber. Your List is the most valuable piece of real estate in your internet marketing business. With it, you can promote any program you choose... you have full control over what your list sees and doesn't see.

Just remember, don't abuse it by constantly trying to push a sale on them or your list will soon vanish into thin air. A good ratio is to provide 80 to 90 percent valuable training content to 10 percent promoting.

Notice I didn't say selling or pitching because if you're doing it right and building a relationship with your list - and building likability and trust - then when an opportunity comes along you want to share with your list, it becomes more like a friend suggesting a cool new gadget or movie rather than some unknown annoying salesman trying to get into your wallet.
4. Know your Why/ Purpose/ Passion.
This really applies to whatever you do in life. What are your reasons for wanting to do this? Take the time to discover what it is that you want to do in your life, the mark you want to leave, then decide what path will take you on the journey you desire. If it involves helping a lot of other people realize their own freedom from money worries and more time to enjoy life, then attraction marketing might just be a good fit for you.

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