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Three Romantic Hotels For You And Your Love

Hotel Rialto, Venice

For a romantic holiday with your partner, we considered proposing you three quality hotels, with different prices, from the country and abroad. An option is a hotel located in the old center of a city. So you can see from the window of your room or the hotel's terrace, the historic buildings and old markets around, feeling the local flavor.

Another option is to choose a hotel located right in a vintage building, with a rich architecture, to remind you of an aristocratic life.

Hotel Rialto, in Venice. If you want a romantic hotel with a very good positioning, choose to stay in the Venetian Rialto. Located in the heart of the historic, artistic and commercial center of Venice, Rialto Hotel has a view towards the Grand Canal and it's only five minutes away from the main tourist attractions, the shops in the old town and the artists' studios.

The interiors combine the modern and traditional Venetian styles, a combination full of romance. Guests can see the Rialto Bridge from the balcony of their room and the gondolas that glide on the Grand Canal. A suitable version for a romantic holiday is represented by the eighteenth century Venetian style rooms, which also offer maximum comfort.

In August you can benefit from the special honeymoon package that includes a typical regional wine bottle, Prosecco, free breakfast served in the room, free visit to a glass factory in Murano, a 10% discount voucher for expenses and an invitation to the Venice Casino. The 4 days package for a couple costs 870 euros.

Hotel Sunset Beach Resort, Seychelles. The small and stylish hotel is located on a private beach in Glacis, in the north-east of Male, the main island in Seychelles. If you want privacy and beautiful sunsets, to enjoy them with your beloved one, the 4-stars Hotel Sunset Beach is the perfect choice. It is recommended for honeymoon couples and those who seek romantic holidays for two.

If you choose one of the luxury villas, you will have your own private garden, overlooking the entire area. You can relax in the swimming pool, above the Indian Ocean, or, if you want to have some adventures, choose a day of snorkeling. For those who love fish and seafood, the complex offers a kitchen with fresh ingredients, plus the local fruits and vegetables. The prices are between 320 and 920 euros per night, depending on the facilities.

Hotel Legend House, Sighisoara. It is said that Count Dracula used to meet here with a beautiful courtesan. You can choose one of the personalized rooms: the Countess Room, Old Room, Medieval Room, Green Room and the Chamber of Dowry. The interiors have Baroque or Louis Fillippe furnishings, with massive wooden doors and heavy hardware and design objects creating an intimate atmosphere, of past and mystery.

The building dates from the XVI century and is located on the narrow and romantic streets of the citadel, near the Citadel Square and the Franciscan Church. Prices are between 180 and 340 RON per night.

Whatever you choose, look for special packages for couples in love. They are available not only for Valentine's Day, but throughout the year. This way you will get a holiday for two, with all the comfort you need.

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