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How to Save Money on an Oxygen Concentrator

Medical devices are usually not cheap.
In fact, it's amazing how much some medical devices can cost.
Many oxygen concentrators are no exception to this rule.
It's common to see oxygen concentrators that cost thousands and thousands of dollars.
While most people who have difficulty breathing can benefit from using this type of oxygen machine, that doesn't mean they have that kind of money sitting around to spend on an oxygen device.
For anyone who wants to improve their breathing condition but doesn't have a lot of money to spend, there is a way to save money on an oxygen concentrator.
The way to get an oxygen device for less is to choose a home oxygen machine.
While concentrators that are designed to be portable are very expensive, the same is not true for devices that are designed to be used in your home.
The reason for the big difference in price is because portable machines are considered to be the most advanced.
As with any type of technology, what's viewed as the latest and greatest in the field is going to cost the most money.
While you may be thinking that you too need to have a portable concentrator, it's important to take a step back and look at the situation realistically.
The big pitch behind portable devices is that they give you the freedom to travel.
Although this is great, most people don't travel that often.
If you look back over the last few years, how often have you traveled? If you're like most people, your answer is going to be "not that much.
" As a result, there's no reason for you to spend three to four times as much on an oxygen device that is designed for people who travel on a regular basis.
When you choose to purchase a home concentrator instead of a portable one, you can expect to pay less than two thousand dollars.
While that still may seem high, keep in mind that's the upper end of the price spectrum.
As you begin looking at home devices, you'll see that there are multiple options that cost less than one thousand dollars.
You'll also find that there are multiple devices with the features you want.
For example, you don't want a concentrator that's going to be really loud.
Since you'll probably use your oxygen device in your bedroom, you want it to run quietly.
Another feature you'll want from the device you choose is a warranty.
Although most quality oxygen machines are able to run without any problems, there's always a chance that an issue will arise.
If something does happen, you won't have to worry when your device is protected by a warranty.
In most cases, the warranties for home oxygen machines range between three and five years.
Now that you know it's possible to save money on this type of machine, there's no reason you can't get your own device to help improve your breathing condition.

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