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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Hotels

    • 1). Identify whether there is a bed bug infestation in the hotel rooms. Use a flashlight and magnifying glass to help you find the insects (they are small but not microscopic) or evidence of them. Look closely at bedding for rust colored spots that could be blood or fecal matter. Remove linens and check the mattress especially the seam areas. Also check all upholstered furniture, pillows and other fabrics in the room. Lastly, inspect all the dark places they can hide including cracks and crevices in the walls and behind pictures and clocks.

    • 2). Remove furniture from rooms and dismantle bed frames if possible. Vacuum all floors making sure to empty canisters and dispose of bags in an appropriate outside area. Use appropriate attachments to suction out corners and other difficult places.

    • 3). Take off all linens and wash them in hot water of at least 120 F. Dry completely and add an additional 20 minutes on the dryer timer as an extra precaution. Both adults and eggs are killed by high heat.

    • 4). Lift up the box springs and shine a flashlight on all surfaces to check for bed bugs. If fabric on box springs is torn, it will need to be removed for treatment and recovered later.

    • 5). Get an insecticidal dust to treat mattresses and box springs. Check the manufacturer's guidelines to make sure it is safe to use on these items. Choose a dust that is labeled as residual as treatment will be more successful if done with a product that remains for awhile. Use a half full bulb duster. Point the rubber stopper downward. Shake and then squeeze for a fine stream of dust.

    • 6). Treat entire rooms with residual insecticide. Follow the product's labeling instructions. Don't forget areas behind wall hangings. Protect yourself from the chemicals by wearing a respirator. This is not a simple dust mask but a product that is designed to protect against pesticide vapor.

    • 7). Enclose mattress and box springs in heavy duty encasements. Look for these at bedding stores. The best ones are often labeled as being effective for allergy sufferers. Keep the mattress encased for as long as possible as bed bugs can survive without a blood source for a year.

    • 8). Replace articles in the rooms. Be sure that upholstered items have been treated with insecticide according to product guidelines. Small articles such as sofa pillows, washcloths and towels can be placed in a hot dryer for 20 or more minutes.

    • 9). Retreat in same manner as before after 10 days. You may need to continue treating every sic months if you see further evidence of infestation.

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