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Apple Picking in Corvalis, Montana


    • Apple picking starts in late September in Corvallis and continues through October. Calling ahead to determine if the orchard is open and what types of apples are ready for picking is advisable.


    • Swanson's Mountain View Orchards, located northeast of Corvallis, grows several varieties of apples. You can pick Golden and Red Delicious, Royal Empires, Vikings and Macintosh. The orchard stays open all day long during the apple picking season. Frost Top Orchard, located in Corvallis, also offers a variety of fresh apples, including Honeycrisp and Macintosh.


    • The Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce holds an annual Apple Day in October. The event features apple butter making, apple juice pressing, a large farmers market with arts and crafts and live music all day long. You'll also find plenty of apples available for purchase so you can enjoy them later.

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