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Video: How to Mask a Car Trunk

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Doug. I work with twenty great guys in St. Louis at Doug Jenkin's Custom Hot Rods, and we're going to do some work for you today on Expert Village. Now Alex is prepping the trunk for the application of the trunk paint. He's cleaning everything out really carefully because there will be pieces of metal laying around in there. Little chunks of metal that fell off when he was welding. So he cleans all that out of the trunk. No dirt in here at all when you go to paint. He's also wiping it out really carefully, with wax and grease remover. Getting it ready there, getting everything really clean. Even though it's just a trunk, you want everything to be really clean. He masks everything, and the trunk tape sticks for a good distance, the overs pray does, so he's gonna mask it up really carefully in order to get all the car protected nicely. This material isn't as insidious as things we spray in our paint booth, so he doesn't have to bag the whole car, he just has to mask the area surrounding what he's using.

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