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Take Time Out - The Rest Factor

The world is in a rush.
Every where you look, you see busy people who are on the move.
The day begins with getting up early, catching up with the morning train or bus as the case may be.
Having lots of work to do in the office, scheduled meetings to attend, and project deadlines to meet.
When you start working on a task, there is tendency to be overloaded.
During work, you are using up energy as you try to beat time by getting the work done.
You will not know the effect this is having on you, because you are focused and consumed with getting the work done.
You pile up stress that wears you out.
When your mind feels stressed up due to the fact that you overload it with thoughts, a period of rest is what you need where you are doing not.
This will help to replenish and refresh you.
Rest is a condition where your body is allowed to heal and reabsorb energy it has lost through the use of the body and mind.
Research shows that you become more productive, reduced stress and improve your mental capability by taking a moment of rest.
Rest is one important thing most people ignore, because they do not know its benefit.
You have a limit to which you can work.
When you try to go beyond that limit, you will break down.
When you refuse to give yourself rest, your body system is affected due to overloading.
As an Engineering student back in school, we took a course on the strength of material and the effect of stress on a material.
When load is continuously applied on a material, stress gradually builds up.
It gets to a time that the built up stress is just enough to break that material.
That's same thing our body experience.
When you work and refuse to rest, stress is built up due to overloading.
The stress built up will just be enough to cause your body to break down.
Your state is very vital.
You have to be mentally capable, emotionally balance, psychologically fit, before you start on any task.
These are some of the benefits you get when you observe a moment of rest.
When you break down, your work will suffer, your plans will be on hold and your setup for achieving your goals will be on stand still.
Get refreshed, geared up, reduced stress..
observe a moment of rest.

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