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Living Together Is Something That Many Men And Women Dream About

When you are in a relationship that has been going really well and you have been flirting with the idea of living together you may be a bit hesitant. Is it too early? What will it do to the relationship? Can we really share one living space? Am I ready to live with someone else? Is my girlfriend or boyfriend ready to live with me? There are a lot of questions that come up when you consider moving in together and what you were once so excited for may now seem to be a bit scary!

If you are toying with the idea of moving in together you need to discuss where you both see this relationship going. One of you may see this is a temporary thing that is fun now but won't go very far in the future and the other may see marriage. It is better to discuss this now and know what you are getting into instead of assuming that they have the same goals as you.

Talk about how living together will work. Talk about finances. Will you share the financial burden of the place that you are living in? If so, who will pay for what? How will you pay the utilities? Buy groceries? It's important to talk about finances before one item is moved into one place together. Finances are often what people fight about the most in a relationship, so it's good to get this all out onto the table now so you know what you can expect going forward.

Talk about household chores. Who will do what and what will the division of labor be? In addition to money household chores are fought about between couples. If you establish who will do what now it will ease a lot of tensions down the road. When you both have an understanding of what will be expected of you, you will be less likely to fight because you will know who is responsible for what, which will keep the house looking good as well as keep the other person happy.

How will the social scene work? Will you just invite your friends over when you want to, or will you discuss parties and social gatherings in advance? This is important to talk about because in couples there may be some differences in what is wanted socially and you should have a deal about how you will work social situations that will affect the household. Talking about this before hand will allow you both to enjoy things socially and will do away with those embarrassing moments in front of friends that have been invited in.

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