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Chilli Pepper Seeds - How to Grow Hot Peppers From Seed

Growing hot chilli peppers from seeds is easier than most people think.
Often regarded as a specialist plant that is difficult to grow nothing could be further from the truth.
Growing peppers from seed is extremely easy and fun as you get to eat the results! First you will need to get hold of some seeds.
Your have two options: 1.
Save some seeds from a pepper pod
Do do this simply take a good healthy looking chilli pod and careful cut it open and remove the seeds.
To avoid any nasty burns be sure to not rub your eyes (or anything else!) while doing this! Place the seeds you take out onto some tissue paper and place somewhere warm and dry such as in an airing cupboard.
Be sure to discard any discolored or abnormal seeds as these may be diseased.
Leave them to dry for about 2 weeks to ensure they are really dry.
If you need to store your chilli seeds before planting them simply place them in an air tight container in a cool dark place.
Buy your chilli seeds
Chilli seeds are becoming much more widely available both in garden stores as well as on the Internet.
Increasingly more interesting varieties such as habaneros, nagas and poblano seeds are widely available at reasonable prices.
As many of the different varieties take differing amounts of time to germinate, grow fruit and ripen it is a great idea to grow more than one variety each year.
This will increase the variety of results and fruit you will get once your plants begin to produce peppers.

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