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Outsourcing Technical Support Can Access Customer Heart

Customer handling process is one of the most discussed stories in the call center industry. Customers' face numerous problems and they keep on calling the service providers to solve a simple to complex issues. This is an area that needs a serious remedy so that the calling agents can utilize time in other business competencies. You cannot stop the customers but finding out an alternate solution with the help of technical support is readily available.

The main benefits would be:

Improved First Call Resolution Rates
Smaller average handle time
Value-added customer gratification & loyalty
Now let us discuss in details:

Improved First Call Resolution Rates – As call center activities are primarily related to customer support, it is very natural that the calling agents receive calls that are mostly dominated by complaints and repetitive inquiries. With the induction of technical support tools like, e-mail, SMS support, customer forums, etc. the call volumes can be easily streamlined. With this, the agents can save their valuable time to develop corporate communications with their customers and bring sustainable change in the CRM. These technical support applications are a real time IT achievement and help to care first call resolution as a vital key to help managers and supervisors for the calls that are hardly resolved.

Calling Agent Efficiency – Agents engaged in the technical support departments need to handle the calls with a special task to update the customers with the past reports and their status. Therefore, the agents need to hold an expertise in multiple applications on their workstations to follow up the customer's priorities. The history of the previous calls can be reviewed and the agent can redirect the customer accordingly. Adding notes, scheduling a callback, conference with an expert, etc. are now possible with the help desk support. Online chat is a very nice option to save the time of the calling agent.

Value-added Customer Gratification & Loyalty - Customer service experts can be mechanically acknowledged based on their phone number, so that their entire contact information and history can be made available to agents. For example with the implementation of the IVR technology, the data transcribed from the customer's end are conveyed to the agents and accordingly a strategic resolution can be made to resolve them. This saves time that is generally consumed by the agents while making outbound calls.

All these technical help desk support tools should be made mandatory and a great part of capital can be saved for long time investments.


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