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Targeted Article Writing - Discover 5 Practical Ways to Make Money Through Article Writing

Article writing is currently one of the most lucrative jobs in the internet today.
With millions of webmasters in constant need of content for their website and for their content-based promotional campaigns, any good writer will surely not run out of writing projects.
Answer to the call of outsourcers or be a ghostwriter.
Most webmasters do not have the time or the skills to write effective articles.
These are the people in the internet who are more than willing to pay you in exchange of quality, useful, and timely content.
Based on topics, word count, and deadline, you can charge anywhere from $5-$12 per article.
Develop an impressive online portfolio.
To entice webmasters to work with you, write quality, useful articles and post them on leading article submission sites like EzineArticles dot com.
Write about diverse topics so you will be regarded as a versatile writer.
Join various freelancing sites.
Elance dot com, getacoder dot com, and other freelancing sites are highly visited by webmasters who are looking for article writers for various writing jobs.
You can offer your services by bidding on their writing projects.
Compile your articles together and turn them into an ebook.
This is another great way to make money through your articles.
Just make sure that all of them are highly related and focused on one topic.
Satisfy your clients.
Strive to deliver quality content on time.
This is the best way to please webmasters.
If you constantly offer them excellent service, they will most likely recommend you to their friends or other webmasters.
That would spell out more projects and more money for you!

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