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Drop Pounds Fast by Jump Starting Your Weight Loss Resistant Body

There are few things as frustrating as doing the work to drop pounds fast only to discover that your body is resistant to your weight loss efforts.
This is not an uncommon problem especially if you have been inactive and overweight for some time yet there are ways you can give yourself a jump start and get back to losing again and this article shows you how.
Drop Pounds Fast 1.
Shift away from a dependency on carbohydrates.
If you tend to eat a diet high in carbohydrates your body may be turning to these quickly digested foods exclusively for energy.
The problem with this is that your body then neglects the alternative source of energy which is body fat.
To make your body a better fat burning machine you will want to take a two week period to eliminate carbohydrates from your evening meal.
By withholding carbohydrates later in the day your body has no choice other than to begin burning body fat for energy.
Essentially you are reteaching your body how to burn body fat.
Fill up on protein.
Protein is a good friend to the dieter because it keeps you filled up longer and it causes the release of a hormone called glucagon which can counter other hormones in the body and help lessen fat making.
Make exercise an important part of your day.
Your body was meant to move and it loves to move so treat it to daily exercise.
What you will get in return is an increase in calories burned and a boost to your metabolic rate so your body burns fat more efficiently.
Rest and recharge.
You will need a balance between rest and activity for your body to optimize weight loss.
Aim for 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep a night and you will find that even the most weight loss resistant body will drop pounds fast.

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