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Free Credit Report Score - Information to Help You Find Out Your Credit Score

Credit bureaus are present in all countries.
The Unite States also has a few of them.
There are several credit bureaus in the US today.
Among these bureaus, the Experian, the TransUnion and the Equifax are most important.
These bureaus keep a tab on all the transactions of a person and maintain his or her credit score.
But these credit reports are maintained individually be the three bureaus.
Yes, it is possible for you to find out about your personal credit score from these bureaus and there's no need to spend any money for this.
So go ahead and ask for your free credit report and score and find out how credit worthy you are.
The three major credit houses do not use the same calculation methods to find your credit score.
Thus, it is quite likely that the credit score figures would not be identical.
Often however, the three separate data is analyzed and one final credit score is arrived at.
But often the credit score figures are not free of errors and that is why you should definitely check them.
Because, if there is an error in your credit score, you can be sure that your credit worthiness will suffer.
The authorities might hold against you one single default and not take into consideration your financial improvements since then and this is because sometimes your records are maintained for as long as 7 years.
And why shouldn't you check, particularly when there is no need to pay any money for this.
It is thus natural that you should check your free credit report and score.
But it is important for you to know whom to approach and how to do this so that you can get the score.
Do check the report to find out if there is a mistake or not, and if there is, then you should bring it to their notice.
It is a good idea to check all the three independent reports.
It is a good idea to check all the 3 records even when you are sure that there cannot be any black spot in them.
These reports have information on all your credit transactions.
There was a time when it used to take about 15 days for people to get their credit reports.
However, these days you can get these reports instantly.
You should ask for the free credit report and score because of other reasons as well.
When you have applied for a loan, the lender will definitely take a look at your report to find out whether the loan can be issued to you or not.
And this is why you must always know what your score is before you send over that loan application.

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