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How to become a PickUp Artist (PUA)

The new trend among guys is the Pickup artist. They find it as a symbol of their manliness when they successfully pick up girls. This helps guys to learn how to seduce and attract women. If a guy has not been good at it he would like to learn this art. The PUA's share their skills and techniques with the people who need their help. They organize seminars and training sessions. This concept is also very popular reality show format. VH1 and ABC have had reality shows based on this concept wherein guys having hard luck with women, are trained and given tasks and eliminated one by one when they fail in the tasks.

This is not something like being a sex worker. It is just learning how to attract, seduce ad behave with the opposite sex. You can learn it and become a pickup artist only for your personal life wherein you can use these skills for your girlfriend and wife and not turn t into a profession. So f you want to become a PUA artist follow the intersections given below:

1. You first have to prepare yourself for becoming such a personality. Not only your external
appearance but also your inner self should be ready for this. One you are prepared with this,
hire a trainer. Learn the basics and try out those techniques. Perfection comes only with
2. By practicing all these skills, you will project a new facet of your personality. People
around your would also tell you about this.
3. You need to decide why are you learning this. Is it only for sexual pleasure from various
partners or you are learning it to spice up your life with your life partner. Be honest to
yourself. Women can easily understand your motive. Some women are fine with casual sex
relationship whereas some are strictly against it. Analyze the person you are targeting and
firstly analyze yourself.
4. You will need to change your wardrobe. Buy some stuff that makes you look more manly and
appealing. A pair of jeans and a smart casual shirt will also look good but only if you carry
it well. Whatever you wear carry it with confidence or else anything you choose will be a
5. Before being good at this art you are tagged as AFC- Average Frustrated Champ. At this stage
you need to be with experts always and keep practicing to move to become an expert.
6. PRACTICE- yes that is the word. Try out, do not hesitate. Unless you practice your skills
won't develop. Learn to communicate with your eyes, in a crowded place, you always do not
need to speak up, your eyes should talk for you and to the extent that you can draw her
attention and get her up to you. When she come sup to you, flirt, chat, exchange numbers and
if she is too comfortable you might be lucky as your intention would be met easily.

Following these instructions you can become a successful PUA and change your life.

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