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Dream Chronicles Retrospective - Part 3

In our final look back at the original Dream Chronicles trilogy, we explore the final entry, Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. The game featured the same challenging mix of hidden object and adventure game elements, all wrapped up in the best visuals in the series to date. But more importantly, it also furthered the storyline and paved the way for the upcoming Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air, which is expected to be released later this year.

Obviously, this article contains story spoilers. If you haven't played Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child yet (which you can do right here) and don't want the story ruined, you should probably stop reading right now. You can also catch up on what happened in the first game right here and the second here.

When the game begins, our heroine Faye is once again having terrible dreams about her husband and daughter being kidnapped by the Fairy Queen of Dreams, Lilith. Only, for some reason, Faye has no recollection of who she really is, instead believing herself to be someone named Brenna. So when she discovers a magic crystal ball, which her husband Fidget is able to communicate with her through, she's naturally a little confused. After all, she has no idea who he is.

It's not long before Lilith gets up to her old tricks again, however, trying to seal Faye in her strange new home. Faye manages to escape, thanks in part to Fidget's help, and discovers a mysterious note telling her to go to the herbalist's house.

Again, following Fidget's tips and advice, she makes her way to the fairly world and to the herbalist's, where she concocts a potion that's supposed to bring back all of her memories. It works, and Faye remembers who she is and realizes that her dreams aren't really dreams. They're real. She immediately sets off to rescue her daughter Lyra and finally be reunited with her entire family.

Her search for Lilith brings Faye to a strange, underwater lair. But rather than the final confrontation against an evil fairy queen that Faye was expecting, she instead finds a subdued Lilith who appears to be pregnant. Not only that, but Lilith reveals she doesn't even have Lyra. It turns out that the Dream Librarian, a previously unknown character, has kidnapped Faye's daughter, believing that she is the chosen child spoken of in an ancient prophecy. This child, who was said to be half-human and half-fairy just like Lyra, would become the new Fairy Lord.

With Lilith's help, Faye is able to rescue Lyra and return to the mortal realm, where once and for all she is reunited with her family. But it doesn't end there. While the game originally makes it seem as though Lyra is the titular chosen child, the final moments suggest something else, depicting Lilith rubbing her pregnant belly while Faye says "If she's not the chosen child. There can only be one other." What does it mean?

The next game in the series, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air, will be set in the future and will star an almost 18 year old Lyra as she travels the world in an airship. The game doesn't currently have a release date, but you can get an early glimpse at some of the game's art right here.

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