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How To Date Your Ex-Boyfriend? These 7 Tips Will Help You Finally Date Him Once Again

Some calculus questions have an easier answer than that of how to date your ex-boyfriend because each situation is different.
My calculus problems of f(x) = a x 2 + bx + c always ends up being a Hollywood Square answer and "X gets the square" usually isn't right.
Luckily, some of these solutions can actually be used in the real world.
Step 1:Start Over: Instead of rewinding your relationship to right before the breakup, it might be a better idea to completely start over.
You've already met the parents so that parts taken care of but it's healthier just to get to know each other again.
Step 2:Go Slow: You shouldn't rush into calling or texting each other every night and spending every day together.
Instead, drive like a Florida retiree and take it slow.
By pacing yourself, you'll both see if you truly want to date again and if not, you can jump out the door without getting hurt.
Step 3:Don't Get Trapped In The Quicksand: Like it or not, the monotony of your relationship had a factor in it's previous decimation.
This time around, avoid being complacent and take the initiative to try new things, even though a night lounging on the couch seems so much easier.
Step 4:Pregame Preparations: You don't want to rush into the big game of dating your ex-boyfriend without first coming up with a gameplan.
Ask yourself what you're going to do different this time and what changes, if any, you're going to put into the matchup.
Step 5:With No Preconceived Notions: If your boyfriend agrees to go on a few dates with you, don't take this as his way of committing to you forever.
Likewise, if he says no right now, don't close the playbook forever.
Things might not wind out like you've imagined in your head so don't put any plays up there.
Step 6:No Hostile Environment Your ex-boyfriend will only want to spend some time getting back with you if it's a positive experience.
Even though it might be in the back of your mind, don't nag him about his bad habits or things that resulted in the breakup...
save that for marriage or at least a little later.
Step 7: Be Laid Back: Likewise, your ex will also like spending some time with you if you're just laid back.
Don't be over aggressive in trying new things like going skydiving Tuesday and base-jumping Wednesday, just ride the wave...
and that doesn't mean windsurfing on Thursday.

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