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Tools for Scaffolding

    Scaffold Tool Belt

    • The tool belt is arguably the most important tool of all when working on scaffolding, as it is what gives you the ability to carry all the tools you need to complete the job without compromising on mobility. Typically a scaffolding tool belt will be made of leather or nylon and will have space to accommodate several scaffold spanners, and scaffold spirit level, a wrench, a hammer and any other essentials such as a measuring tape that a construction worker may need.

    Scaffold Spanners

    • Scaffold spanners are designed to have maximum portability to fit in a workers scaffold tool belt, while still providing the same standard when it comes to tightening bolts and nuts. The most common spanners are scaffold ratchet spanners and traditional scaffold spanners. Despite having a smaller stature to spanners used on the ground you can still expect a scaffold spanner to be made of steel, aluminum or titanium, so they should have good build quality.

    Scaffold Spirit Level

    • A scaffold spirit level is specifically designed so that it can be attached to a scaffold tool belt. Regular spirit levels are too cumbersome to be carried onto scaffolding, but they are an absolutely essential tool when trying to decipher whether a surface is flat. The scaffold spirit level is fitted with a hole that can be attached to a small secure clip on the tool belt, allowing the construction worker to carry a spirit level with him with minimal fuss.

    Tool Safety Lanyard

    • A tool safety lanyard is a length of (usually) plastic material with a secure clip on one end that can be attached to your tool belt. This is used to provide further security for your tools when working at height. You simply clip your tool (most scaffold spanners, wrenches and scaffold spirit levels have holes at the top of the handle) onto the lanyard and it means the tool cannot fall off your tool belt and potentially hurt anyone below.

    Gorilla Tub

    • Gorilla tubs are made of a particularly hard wearing plastic and are a bright yellow color for maximum visibility on scaffolding. These tubs are the most common way of transporting cement, rubble, plaster or any other supplies from the ground to the workers on the scaffolding.

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