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What"s Happening in My Heart During Atrial Fibrillation?

Everything in Richard Schmidt’s life is terrible.
He has no luck with women, his boss likes to pick on him, and now the city is about to pave over his favorite park.
To make matters worse, obnoxious talk show host Buck Bennett has just insulted him on his radio show.
For the first time in his life, Richard takes a stand; he buys some land in the country, finds a sturdy padlock, and kidnaps the offensive man who hurt his feelings.
Suddenly, with Buck locked in Richard’s private prison, Richard’s life starts looking up.
He now has things to lose, and it changes what he thinks he has to gain.
Mark Gelbart ([http://www.
com/])weaves a realistic story that blurs the edges of good and bad.
Should the reader root for the downtrodden Richard, who has committed a crime, or for Buck, who seems to deserve this treatment? Gelbart puts the reader on the edge, unable to choose.
Talk Radio is a humorous, well-written look at not only an absurd situation, but of the every day situations that are misinterpreted by many people today.
Gelbart tackles subjects like welfare, development, and even love from both conservative and liberal views.
Not only does he take these controversial subjects head on, but he manages to leave the reader with a sense, not only of what he is thinking, but of what they think of those situations as well.
So, read it for pleasure, but be prepared to think.

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