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A True Comparison Of Increasing Debt Between Bush And Obama Administrations

Throughout the internet, there are charts and articles that make claims comparing spending by the Bush and Obama Administrations.
Almost unanimously, they fail to list their source or reference.
If they do list a source, it is usually some reference in line with the view they are trying to impress.
Of course, the whole intent is to sway voters to vote their way so they may continue to maintain their influence.
I would not mind if they were honest in what they were saying and not making up numbers, however, most of them are not! A true comparison of the debt created between Bush and Obama Presidencies can be found referencing the Treasury Department of the United States.
I can think of no better source for accuracy and truth.
Although, many would say the Treasury Department reports what the President wants, this is not the truth and, in reality, the President does not have the power or authority to influence numbers pertaining to reporting by the Treasury.
A number of officers oversee the various functions to ensure accountability; they are namely: a Secretary of the Treasury, to be deemed head of the department; a Comptroller, an Auditor, a Treasurer, a Register, and an Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury, appointed by the said Secretary.
As a department, I believe the data I obtain consists of checks and balances to ensure an accurate record that monies received and spent are accounted and have no doubt the following is a true comparison of the two administrations.
According to the Treasury, the Debt increased from January 23, 2001 to January 23, 2009, 5.
7 trillion to 10.
6 trillion.
This amounts to an increase of 4.
9 trillion in the 8 years of the Bush Administration.
This amounts to an increase of about 610 billion per year.
From January 23, 2009 to January 23, 2012, the Debt has increased from 10.
6 trillion to 15.
2 trillion; amounting to an increase of 4.
6 trillion in only 3 years.
Additionally, the Obama Administration has requested and will receive another 1.
2 trillion to carry through to January 2013.
In 4 short years, he will have raised our debt 5.
8 trillion.
At this rate of spending, if Obama is reelected, our debt after 8 years will have increased to 11.
6 trillion; over twice what the debt was when Obama took office in January 2009.
President Obama has already spent more than all other Presidents combined.
These are not my numbers, numbers made up by liberal organizations or group's whose sole purpose is to mislead the American public.
These are the numbers as reported by the Treasury Department.
(1) If you are an unbeliever, go to their website, put in the dates and verify for yourself.
As American's, we should all be tired of the lies and innuendo which are methodically choreographed toward ruining this great nation.
A sad day is upon us as we are inundated by political rhetoric that is deceivable and allowed to be presented as truth.
America cannot afford 4 more years of spending at an average rate of 1.
5 trillion per year.
Nor as a nation can we longer afford to pay attention to hatefully prepared articles and charts aimed at providing false information to make a weak President look Presidential using the internet highway to post and publish unsubstantiated information to hundreds of millions.
(1) US Department of the Treasury http://www.

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