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How to Get Your Ex Girl Back - 7 Must-Know Tips to Remember

Wondering how to get your ex girl back?A lot of men are unsure when trying to win back their ex.
They don't know where to start, what to do, and are afraid of rejection.
If you want to know how to get your ex girl back, here are a few tips you need to remember.
Contact her once in a while
You don't have to call her if you're afraid that she might hang up on you.
You can start with a simple text message or an email.
If she replies and she seemed happy to hear from you, then there's your go signal that it's safe to call.
But if you're brave enough then you can call her and ask her how she's been doing.
Don't overdo the phone calls
You got excited because she didn't hang up and you had a nice conversation with her.
However, don't get too excited and call her multiple times a day and act like everything is back to normal between the two of you.
You need to take it slow and don't overdo it otherwise she's going to get annoyed and she'll be back to not talking to you.
Avoid making her jealous
You wanted to get back at her for breaking up with you.
But let's not forget that you're trying to get her back, not make her angrier.
If she sees that you're dating other women and making a show of having a good time with them then she's going to think it's time to move on as well.
If she finds out that you're just playing games then she's going to think you're being a jerk.
Either way you lose.
Don't get drunk
Getting drunk could lead to drunk phone calls or going to her apartment and making a scene in the dead of night.
It's not a pretty sight and not only will you embarrass yourself you will also embarrass her.
Such actions will show her that you don't respect her enough and she's going to think you're just a pathetic loser and she's glad to be rid of you.
Remember her birthday
It's such a sweet gesture if you remembered her birthday.
Don't forget to greet her or you could even send a card or some flowers.
It doesn't have to grand and you don't have to make a big show over it.
In fact, if you were discreet and sent her a cute email or web-based greeting card, she's going to think it's sweet too.
When she tells her friends they're going to think that it's nice of you to remember such a special occasion.
Stay in shape
Don't let yourself go.
If you try to stay in shape, go to the gym and exercise then you can relieve your stress and improve yourself.
Bonus points if you start looking good and fit.
She might even regret leaving you when she sees how better looking you are now.
Be patient
How to get your ex girl back?You need to be patient.
She may need more time even after you apologized to her and you need to understand that and back off.
Crowding her and trying to force her to come back won't work.

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