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The Huge Demand For Barack Obama Bumper Stickers

During last year's presidential election, a phenomenon was born -Barack Obama bumper stickers.
The popularity of Democratic candidate Barack Obama stirred the imagination of even those amongst us who rarely get so involved in politics.
Perhaps it was simply the 'perfect storm'? A widely unpopular incumbent President.
A failing economy, a disastrous foreign policy and an unpalatable war.
So when a man named Obama came along who, let's be honest, seemed the polar opposite to President Bush, it gave hope to many that finally a national nightmare would soon be over.
The one great thing about bumper stickers is that they reflect the nations zeitgeist at the time.
The are a running commentary on the way we feel and wish others to feel also.
For many bumper sticker manufacturers, being in the center of such an exciting election as this, was a memorable time.
We have been through elections before, but nothing quite like this.
There was immediately something different and iconic about Obama.
He became a superstar almost overnight.
And so when it came round to the time Obama would announce his running mate, the savviest bumper sticker printers were poised and ready with Barack Obama bumper stickers designed to simply drop the name 'Biden' in quickly and get them up on the internet.
The sales were immediate and overwhelming.
It took many by surprise.
24/7 printing was the order of the day to try and meet the growing demand.
Even the official Obama web site declared a two week delivery time.
Eventually, it announced that it would cease to produce stickers, to concentrate it's resources on other campaign material.
As you can imagine, after that announcement demand went through the stratosphere.
It wasn't just his name either, people wanted his image.
He was photogenic.
The now famous 'Hope' poster by artist Shepard Fairey has to be attributed with part of the mythical persona that emanated around Obama.
It hardly needs stating that this would never have happened if Kerry or Gore had become President.
John Kerry's face on a t-shirt anyone? Although the frenzy has calmed down now to some degree, Barack Obama bumper stickers are still a hot item.
Many choose to let their pre-election sticker remain on their vehicle as a post election trophy.
A reminder to others that they did indeed back the right candidate.
Others are choosing the less subtle 'Rub it in the face of McCain supporters' approach, with stickers proudly proclaiming "Yes we did" (A continuation of thought from the 'Yes we can' campaign slogan.

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