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How to Make a New Band in 'Guitar Hero World Tour'

    First-Time Players

    • 1). Insert your "Guitar Hero World Tour" game disc into your game console and start it up according to the guidelines in your console's user manual. Make sure your "Guitar Hero" drums or guitar controller is connected to the console.

    • 2). Input a band name using your controller or "Guitar Hero" controller (drums or guitar). Change the band logo by pressing the blue button, choose a random band name by pressing the yellow button, and choose a random name using the orange button.

    • 3). Press the green button to accept your band name and logo. The game will save the data automatically.

    Overwriting an Old Band Profile

    • 1). Select the "Options" menu on the game's main menu.

    • 2). Highlight and select "Save/Load."

    • 3). Choose "Reset Progress." The game then asks you to confirm you want to overwrite your current profile, losing all progress made. Select "I'm Sure." Then select "I'm Really Sure."

    • 4). Select "Overwrite" to overwrite your old save file.

    • 5). Start the game as normal and create your new band.

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