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The Best Ski Fitness Training Methods Used By Top Athletes

Training for ski season isn't just for those that want to compete, or those that spend twelve hours a day or more on the slopes.
Being in good "ski shape" will mean having better control when on your skis, having less pain the day after skiing, and being able to stay out for as long as you want whether it's two hours or sixteen.
It also means being able to tackle the most challenging slopes and cross-country terrain without fear or hesitation.
So how do you train to get into ski shape? The best way to train yourself is to consider how the athletes train.
Take the principles of their routine and apply them to your own for maximum results.
Here are some tips and considerations.
Strength Training You might not think of weight lifting as being important for ski fitness, but you need some muscle tone in order to control yourself when on the skis and to push yourself along the terrain.
You also need muscle tone to support your back and your joints; without strength in the muscles, you'll put too much pressure on these areas and may see pain as well as injury.
Strength training doesn't mean spending hours in the gym or looking like a professional bodybuilder.
Simple arm curls and bench presses, as well as some leg curls and presses, can go a long way towards keeping you in great ski shape.
A good Pilates routine can also strengthen the back and stomach muscles.
Remember to lift slowly so that muscles can build quickly, and don't overdo it but do challenge yourself.
If you don't feel your muscles working when you lift and curl, you're not getting any benefit.
Aerobic Strength Increased aerobic strength means being able to stay on the slopes as long as you'd like.
Even if you're in good aerobic strength already, remember that the cold air you hit on the slopes and cross-country terrain puts more pressure on the lungs and heart.
This means you need even more aerobic strength than normal when you're skiing.
An athlete knows that the only way to increase aerobic strength is to challenge the body aerobically.
Walks alone won't do it; neither will leisurely bike rides and other activities that don't really work the heart and lungs.
To get yourself in good aerobic shape for skiing, pick up the pace.
Take your walks up a notch to jogs, or add in challenging activities such as boxing, jump roping, stair climbing, or racquetball.
If you do these things and remember to train even in the off-season, you'll see that you're in the best shape of your life and are ready to hit those ski slopes like a highly trained athlete!

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