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Learn More about PowerScore GMAT Prep Courses

PowerScore GMAT prep courses focus on teaching students how to take the GMAT. Instructors break down the test and share exclusive techniques, methodologies, and strategies that can be used to get a higher GMAT score.

To learn more about how PowerScore's GMAT courses work, I spoke with Jon M. Denning. Jon is one of PowerScore's head course and publications developers, as well as an instructor trainer and teacher for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and SAT.

Here's what he had to say about PowerScore's GMAT prep courses:

Can you provide us with an overview of the various PowerScore GMAT prep courses?

We currently offer two GMAT courses: our 30-hour Full-Length Course and our 16-hour Weekend Course. The Full-Length course is comprised of 10 3-hour lessons and is taught over the span of approximately five weeks by one of our highly trained instructors. The Weekend Course is given as two 8-hour sessions on a Saturday and Sunday of a single weekend. Both courses cover every aspect of the test--from the unique computer adaptive testing format to specific question types and the strategies most effective for attacking them--and both are taught by one of our qualified instructors who has scored in the 99th percentile on an official GMAT exam. Further, all of our courses include extensive homework to correspond to and supplement the information provided in class, exclusive access to our Online Student Center where students will find additional practice tests, exam scoring and feedback, and personalized support, and the ability to correspond with an instructor outside of class to address any questions that arise as students continue in their preparations.

We are also nearing completion of a comprehensive self-study course based on our popular Virtual Course platform. This online self-study course will allow students to customize the pace and content of their preparation to their own specific needs, all from the comfort of home. This course will allow anyone with an internet connection to access premium quality information and materials that may have previously been unavailable to them, as self-study is the perfect alternative to live classes for students hampered by scheduling, geographic, or financial limitations; these students will now have an affordable and highly-effective means to prepare for the next step in their education.

Who teaches the PowerScore GMAT prep courses?

The GMAT is a somewhat unique exam, in large part due to the wide variety of skills required for overall test success. That is, a truly great score requires test takers to be proficient in a wide array of areas, including advanced mathematics, the fundamentals and subtleties of English and grammar, and even analytical writing. All of our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile on a real GMAT-proof that they fully understand each of these difficult concepts and can channel that understanding into a powerful performance on test day. Since they don't have to struggle to understand the test itself, they can focus instead on teaching students how to master the GMAT in the same way that they did. We have found that this fundamental level of comprehension, coupled with our rigorous hiring and training regimen, produces instructors who are not only enthusiastic and truly enjoy teaching, but who can clearly and effectively explain the ideas in our course in a fun and exciting format to students at every scoring level.

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