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Exposed!Insurance Marketing Techniques That Simply Don"t Work Anymore?

Insurance marketing techniques as well as insurance market solutions is a very big subject today.
Especially in an economy like today.
Because Insurance agents are scrambling to keep their agency afloat.
And insurance agents are willing to do just about anything to survive.
But, although the old insurance marketing techniques like its Just a matter of calling on enough people used to work, but that was a looong time ago.
And those insurance marketing techniques simply do not work like that anymore.
Yet, today, too many insurance agents are still using this old insurance marketing for several reasons.
First, you know the saying if you are good with a hammer everything looks like a nail.
And the second reason is perseverance is one of the most admirable traits in all endeavors.
Think about it.
We love to watch the Olympic athletes push themselves to - and then beyond The Limit.
And Mother Nature provides some of the most astonishing feats of perseverance for example when you think of the salmon fighting upstream or even up water falls.
Insurance Marketing Tip Discovered While Watching A Fly? Yet, at what point is it that the perception or guise of perseverance become out right foolishness? At what point should insurance agents realize old insurance marketing advice and marketing techniques don not work in a new agency economy? Maybe agents should take a valuable marketing lesson from a fly.
Here is what I mean.
We have all witnessed what I will call The Death Fight of The Fly This is when the fly is fooled by the perception that a glass window is not really there.
So the fly demonstrates incredible perseverance and repeatedly, incessantly, persistently, almost loyally, hurls itself again and again up against the window PAIN (spelling selected on purpose) and often until it is exhausted and dies of fatigue.
FACT: No matter how valiant the effort made by the fly the bottom line is the barrier is not going to yield.
Often, observation of this ritual makes you think the fly is just not that bright.
Right? Be careful.
Here is why I say that.
After more than 20 years in this great industry I have witnessed a very similar death flight by many agents who persevere and persistently continue to attempt to do the same marketing and getting insurance leads that used to work and despite the obvious fact it no longer works, Yet most insurance agents seem to prefer to continue to hit their heads against the window PAIN as if never knowing that regardless of the efforts made they will never make it through the barrier.
Most insurance agents are getting caught up in the business of BUSYness and would rather point the finger at the outside forces they can not control and blame others instead of evolving and adapting to the new insurance world that we live in.
Tough words? Yes, but we operate in tough times.
I'm not giving you hell.
I am simply giving you the truth.
It is just that sometimes the truth feels like hell.
Think about this.
The old insurance marketing techniques worked only because back then the average person was not getting bombarded by over 3,000 marketing messages per day! Now that is a lot of clutter! If you want insurance marketing techniques and advice that works today you must have a systematic manner of breaking through the clutter because the clutter is a real barrier and the absolute best and proven way to break the insurance marketing clutter of today is with MULTIPLE INFLUENCE CHANNELS(tm) (MIC) and not just the typical one strategy approach and continually hitting your head up against the window pane just like a fly.
Using Multiple Influence Channels(tm) or MIC amplifies your insurance marketing messages over and above the competition.
There are several proven marketing principles involved when using MIC, but one quick one is to use several ways to communicate with the prospect as well as allowing them several modes to communicate with you.
A marketing drill for you to do.
Think about how you are currently trying to break through the clutter to get to your targeted audience and ask yourself.
Am I doing exactly what everybody else is doing and if so why would my prospect want me over any other choice? And then ask yourself, what other new insurance marketing techniques can I develop and implement to break through and get my marketing message to my insurance prospects? Warning.
Do not be different for the sake of being different, but be different with the purpose of adding value to your prospects.
I hope you have found this information useful and thought provoking and more importantly I hope it sparks you into accurate actions.

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