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What Is Hue in Photoshop?

    What is hue?

    • Hue is the variance of base color as it pertains to the color wheel. The three main colors that all other colors are derived from are called primary colors--red, yellow and blue. By moving through the color wheel adding or removing one or more of these three colors, designers can completely change the look and feel of an object. For instance, by taking something that is yellow and adding more red to it, the object's hue will change to orange.

    Change hue in Photoshop

    • The hues in an image can be changed using Photoshop by using the tools located in Layer drop-down menu. Click on Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation. Use the sliders in the window that pops up to change the hues within the open document. You will see the changes being made while you are moving the slider to help you visually make the adjustments.

    Importance of hue in Photoshop

    • Combining colors in an interior design scheme and keeping them in harmony can sometimes pose a challenge, but with Photoshop, changing the hue of items within an image that will be hung on a wall, can help to keep color balance in a room. Hue can also help to brighten up an area of a picture that you want to stand out or it can be used to make a striking contrast within an image to draw attention.

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