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Top Erectile Dysfunction Vaccum Devices

Among the various treatment options for those with diminished or impaired sexual functioning presented by doctors are erectile dysfunction vacuum devices.
Some doctors say these devices work for most of their patients, but that even if they work, many eventually find them cumbersome and time-consuming.
There are nicely made vacuum erection devices, though (some battery-powered) but they cost between $200 and $500.
They can be purchased with a physician's prescription.
Certain standard manual models recommended by the American Urology Association's clinical panel and offered online can be discreetly shipped.
Erectile dysfunction vacuum devices work by placing a clear plastic cylinder over the penis.
You then use a hand pump to create a vacuum in the tube and draw blood into the penis.
An elastic band is placed around the base of the penis to maintain the erection after the cylinder is removed and during intercourse so as to prevent blood from flowing back into the body.
The tension ring is removed after intercourse.
FDA-approved for use in the management of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and capable of sustaining an erection for about 30 minutes, erectile dysfunction vacuum devices are considered one of the most effective ED treatments available.
They can be a useful alternative for the percentage of men who commonly fail with the leading oral drugs in the market, but are not advised for those with blood clotting problems or leukemia.
Moreover, watching the pump do its work may dampen the "sex mood" but many couples try it nonetheless and experience a high success rate.

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