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Alternative Treatment for Autism: Is Spiritual Healing Effective?

From time to time alternative autistic treatments emerge, with the aim to help cure autism. Spiritual healing is one of those that can have a beneficial effect. Spiritual healing has been around for a long time. In earlier times in some civilizations these healers were sometimes known as shamans. In ancient Egyptian civilizations it where the priests who used hands on healing in their temples.

However, these days several different types of energy or spiritual healings are offered including some that may assist people with autism.

How does this Alternative Treatment for Autistic work?

For most people it is difficult to understand that something so €invisible€ could help cure autism. While there is no scientific basis yet, more and more medical professionals understand how these spiritual practices can help. Deepak Chopra stand out in promoting such a balanced approach to healing.

We know originally from mainstream Chinese medicine, that our bodies have their own individual energy system that assists the various functions of the body. It is sometimes likened to a tube which allows the free flow of energy or chi throughout the body. When there are any disconnections in the energy flow, an ailment is the cause for that.

Spiritual healing can reconnect the affected area by transferring the energy through the healer to these areas.

How long does this take?

Every person is unique. Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances. The healing process takes time and depends on the individual and the nature of their complaints. Depending on the issue, people can have benefits after only one session.

In the case of autism and working with very young children a gentler approach is needed, whereby a number of brief €mini€ healings are given regularly over a period of months, otherwise a very young child could not cope. That way the brain slowly improves and better functioning is the result.

How will you know if it is effective?

With the autism healings, parents will begin noticing changes in their child within weeks. They can be of a cognitive nature such as speech or improved comprehension. Some parents have noticed that their child's awareness of their surroundings improved, the child may also become happier or calmer. Once the body has integrated the healings which can take several weeks these improvements begin to happen.


As an alternative autistic treatment these spiritual healing, specifically tailored for younger autistic children, can be given in conjunction with any other autism treatments.

The child will integrate these healings during the night as that is the best time for healings to occur.

There are no side effects only benefits so it is worth trying.

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