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Top Acne Treatment is All About the Immune System

If you are searching for the top acne treatments, then the chances are that you have already been treated unsuccessfully.
This is not uncommon.
Skin conditions, including acne, can be difficult to treat.
Often very destructive methods, such as cortisone treatment, is used.
However, all these treatments don't work because the cause is not being addressed.
They are simply trying to mask over the effects.
The nature of disease is all about your immune system.
A strong immunity prevents any disease or throws out a violent reaction when one tries to get a hold of you (for example a violent fever which is short lived).
Few people have strong immune systems.
When someone has barely compromised immunity, then the skin is often used as the safest organ to unload toxins from.
So someone with acne, or any other skin eruption is more healthy than someone who has had their skin problem suppressed.
Your body, in stubbornly maintaining acne as the safest outlet, is showing that you are still quite healthy.
The top acne treatment must work on unloading your body of the toxin load it is dumping through your skin.
So a healthy diet may go a long way to resolving the problem.
Holistic treatment will prevent further toxin overload.
So if you are regularly taking drugs, try to get that replaced with natural medicines.
One of the top acne treatments is homeopathic medicine.
Homeopathy works by raising your immune system quickly.
By carefully matching your symptoms to those of the most appropriate homeopathic medicine, you can expect your acne to disappear for good.
If you are new to homeopathy, this may best be left to a professional homeopath.
The homeopathic medicine Silica can resolve acne which have a tendency to leave pitting scars.
The skin looks a little like orange peel, after the acne has healed.
The character of Silica acne is the hardness of the pimples, which tend not to come to a head and usually show no signs of pus.
The typical locations of the acne is on your face especially your cheeks, but the forehead can also be affected.
After taking Silica, if it was a good match, the acne should start to discharge.
This is a healthy sign that it is working.

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