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Technical Drafting Jobs

    • A drafter may need a four-year degree to work.drafting image by Kimberly Reinick from

      If you have visual aptitude, drawing skills and artistic abilities, then consider one of many drafting jobs. Drafters prepare technical drawings used by people such as construction workers, architects and engineers. Drafters work 40 hours a week and spend long periods of time using computer software applications such as computer aided design and drafting (CADD) system. The minimum requirements educational requirement is two years of postsecondary training in drafting such as an associate’s degree.

    Mechanical Drafter

    • Mechanical drafters prepare detailed drawings of machinery and mechanical devices such as fasteners and screws. They confer and coordinate with other workers such as mechanical engineers on potential design problems, the layout and components. Mechanical drafters review and analyze the components related to the design and decide the approximate procedures to use. Drafters create to scale or full-size blueprints which includes dimensions, fastening methods and different angles. According to O-net Center, in 2009 the median salary for mechanical drafters was $47,790 a year.

    Architectural Drafter

    • Architectural drafters create detailed architectural drawings for structures such as houses and apartment buildings. Drafters follow the technical information provided by architects. Also, the architectural drafters follow building codes, site and space requirements. Architectural drafters coordinate the electrical, mechanical and structural designs of projects. The drafters often visit construction sites to ensure the design specifications and being followed. They may specialize in different areas of architecture such as commercial or residential buildings and the kind of materials used like steel. Experience drafter may supervise and train other architectural drafters. The median salary for architectural drafters in 2009 was $45,600 a year, according to O-net Center.

    Civil Drafter

    • Civil drafters create relief maps, topographical maps and drawings that are used in civil engineering projects such as bridges, sewerage control systems and highways. They determine the method of presentations such as using isometric or orthographic drawings. Drafters draw rough sketches of the design before creating detailed plans of structures, installation and construction projects. Also, civil drafters compute the cost of the required materials used in the construction project and list the amount in the materials list. They may supervise and train other drafters, technologists and technicians. In 2009, according to O-net Center, the median salary for civil drafters was $45,600 a year.

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