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Why Does an Atheist Bother Debating With a Devout Christian Faithful?

The other day, I met an individual who could have very easily have been an artificial intelligent social robot.
It's as if she wasn't really thinking, but she kept reciting certain things over and over again having to do with her Christian faith.
She called these things absolute, un-debatable, and the truth.
For instance; Jesus died on the cross for you and your sins, the Earth is only 3000 years old, and if you're good you will spend eternity in heaven with God, but only if you devote your life to him while you are here.
Okay so, if those are all absolutes, and not debatable, you can understand why an atheist might just want to walk away.
After all what's there to talk about.
We know the Earth is not 3000 years old, and to call that a truth is just a scary thought.
Nevertheless, an atheist might wish to continue debating a devout Christian faithful on philosophical grounds.
Let me give you a few concepts along this line of thinking; Wisdom Fascinating Interesting Story Decent Philosophy Capturing of Men's Minds Now then, from a philosophical standpoint there is quite a bit wisdom in the good book - the stories are fascinating, and they are very interesting tales.
The basic philosophy of getting along with others while you are in your life experience certainly makes sense - it's probably better for your longevity, especially in past periods.
Back then, if you went around making enemies, you were sure to find someone who would end your life for you forthwith.
It is also quite interesting to engage people who keep reciting this same thing over and over; it is if they figured out a way to get everything in their mind to loop around in a circle.
No matter what happens, what they experience, or what they observe, it's all for a reason, and God has a plan.
In this way they make sense of the world in an alternative reality that they've created in their own minds through the suggestion of church elders, their religious works, and the peer pressure which keeps the flock together.
It's truly amazing actually.
Just to listen to this sort of reasoning shows you how easy it is to capture men's minds, and it reminded me of the famous quote; it is amazing what you can get people to believe.
It also explains why the political rhetoric if it is repeated enough times in a row, that new created reality becomes the truth, even when it isn't.
You see my point? Please consider all this and think on it.

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