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7 Step Emotional Survival Guide To List Building

How do you build a list without getting bored? That's a question I see in many forms online.
So I'm turning it around! Here's your spark, your sparkle of excitement.
Your 7 step emotional guide to list building.
I'm sharing four F's so you can overcome problems with focusing, fearing, finding, fondness.
I'm also sharing 3 vital ingredients so you can offer hope, value and solutions.
Why? I'll tell you why.
(1) Reading complaints! (2) Knowing how to fill in the gap for you Because there is relief, joy and gratitude waiting for you in the simple task of list building.
It feels to me like small business owners seem to need an emotional survival guide to list building.
Here goes! 7 Tips (1) Focus Focus on what you love to do.
That's the most important thing for being a small business owner.
Figure out what parts of what you love to do interest you most.
Focus on those and the people who you help and what they want most.
(2) Fear Fear's a big part for many business owners.
Are you scared of list building? What you must know: Using list technology is like learning to drive a car.
It takes time and effort up front so you can learn new skills.
But once you learn the basics your list technology is your vehicle to true freedom.
Much as your car is your vehicle to get to a picnic at the beach! Your list technology is your vehicle with the power to change your hot summer day into delight.
(3) Find Find your list with fun habits.
Write simple articles like this one and share them with other people online.
You'll be amazed to discover the power of the Internet to share what you love to do.
Power you can use to turn your financial well-being toward abundance and prosperity.
(4) Fondness Want a sweet way to build your list? Write down what you love to do.
Turn what you wrote into article titles.
Write! Share! Invite people to learn more.
(5) Hope Want hope for your list? Get out there online and people will find you.
Not overnight! 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
(6) Value Want value for your list? Ask the person in your mirror about problems you've had and solved! Deliver that.
(7) Solutions List building through article marketing lets you deliver solutions.

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