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How to Type Happy Faces

    • 1). Create a pair of eyes by typing a colon. Variations include the semicolon, which is expresses a wink and the number eight, which represents sunglasses.

    • 2). Create a nose by typing a short dash. You can use a caret in place of a dash to represent a big or broken nose.

    • 3). Create a smiling mouth by typing a left-facing parentheses or bracket. Represent a large smiling mouth or laughter by typing a "D" in place of the parentheses. Examples of completed happy faces include ":^)", ";-D" and "8-]".

    • 4). Experiment using other symbols and characters to create other types of faces. For example, you can use an "O" to represent a halo and a ">" to represent a wry smile. Some examples include "O :-D" and ";->". Other emotions, such as sadness and anger, can be represented using a ">" as a scowl and a right-facing parenthesis for a frown. The end result appears as ">:-(".

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