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How to Use Crank Baits

    • 1). Select a crank bait that is matched to the fishing you will be doing. Choose a bait that runs shallow, medium or deep based on personal preference, water depth and the level at which fish are feeding. Also consider color and shape when choosing a crank bait.

    • 2). Tie the crank bait to the end of the fishing line with a Palomar knot, making sure to moisten the knot and pull it down tightly. Trim excess line from the free end of the knot with scissors.

    • 3). Cast the crank bait into the water in a location where fish are thought to be feeding. Turn the handle of the reel to pull the crank bait down into the water to the determined level.

    • 4). Vary the retrieve of the lure as it moves through the water. Retrieve the lure and then pause briefly, allowing the crank bait to suspend. Use another method of moving the rod tip from side to side to cause an erratic movement in the water. Also try raising the rod tip to bring the crank bait to the surface and then cranking it back down.

    • 5). Raise the rod tip when a fish strikes the crank bait and reel in line to set the hook. Continue to reel in the line as the fish is played to maintain a tight line and avoid losing the fish.

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