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Overcome Approach Anxiety Like A Mike Tyson Knockout!

How can you overcome approach anxiety [] to get the women of your dreams? Ah, that's the $64,000 question. Some succeed with women and some don't. Some have all the tools to get women. Some have the looks. Some have the money. Some are famous.

What happens when you're just a regular guy? Average looks, average job and an average life. Well my friend you have one tool that no else has. That is your mind. Your mind is an incredible tool. Yeah, yeah -- I know its sounds something Oprah would say, while she has a boat load of cash in the bank and she can walk away from her gig, never to work again. But, just by changing your whole mindset on women, you can really be good at meeting, dating and have intimacy with really gorgeous women.

The hotter the girl, the better it is to apply very simple principles. You see guys; beautiful women have been hit on their whole lives. They are used to guys kissing their asses since they were a teenager. Everyday guys are saying crude and crass remarks to them. Everyday guys are staring at them like mental patients. Imagine one day you woke up on island and you were the only hot guy there. All the girls hit on you morning, noon and night. Yeah, it would be cool in the beginning, but after awhile you would get sick of it. And then one day, you met that one girl that thought you weren't all that. That's the one you would be attracted to.

I know this scenario seems far fetched. Sure, who wouldn't want to be in a place where women are throwing themselves on you? You have to understand this - what would happen if your whole entire life you got girls and you never new rejection?

Hot chicks have a life of constant ass kissing. You need to be that one guy that is different. You need to be that one guy that thinks she's not all that. Imagine going up to a 10 and saying "Hey, I see a really nice refection in your eyes, that's me." Don't compliment a woman. Just remember that you are the prize. You are man. Men age like fine wine. Women only have until their 30s, and then they are washed up.

I know when you first do this, it will be tough. After awhile, you'll develop a thick skin. Then it will be second nature. You'll be able to overcome approach anxiety and life will never be the same!

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