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How to Restring a Badminton Racket Compared to a Tennis Racket

    Badminton Restringing

    • 1). Make note of the stringing pattern of the badminton racket. Each make and model has its own pattern. This will include at least one grommet on the main strings which is omitted when inserting the new strings. For badminton and tennis rackets, the "mains" are the strings running top to bottom

    • 2). Start and finish cross-stringing a badminton racket further from the top and bottom of the head than on a tennis racket.

    • 3). Check for worn and sharp-edged grommets on badminton rackets, and replace if necessary.

    • 4). Cut 40 feet of string to do either racket.

    • 5). Feed the ends of the string through the top two grommets of a badminton racket, down through the bottom two grommets, and clamp.

    Stringing Routine

    • 1). Follow this routine, feeding the ends of the string up and down through the grommets exactly to match the stringing pattern.

    • 2). Replace the clamps as you go and tighten the strings alternately to help maintain even tension on the racket.

    • 3). Tie off firmly as close to the inside of the frame as possible. Trim excess string.

    • 4). Thread and tension the cross strings in the same way, starting at the center and working evenly up and down. The cross strings must be interwoven with the mains.

    • 5). Tie off close to the frame and trim excess string.

    Tennis Restringing

    • 1). Begin restringing a tennis racket with the mains, but only insert one end of a string into an end hole at the top of the racket. Thread it down through the neck, into the next hole and back up to the top.

    • 2). Apply tension and clamp the string. Work across from one side of the racket to the other.

    • 3). Keep clamping until all of the mains are done and you can tie them off.

    • 4). Start the cross strings at top or bottom and weave them over and under the mains, clamping as you go. Tie off and remove excess string.

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