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New Technologies in Plumbing

The plumbing system covers essential residential features such as the water supply, wastewater disposal, and sewerage system. Innovations in maintenance and service are catching up with new plumbing system technologies adapted by the construction industry. Examples of these new technologies include rainwater harvesting and grey water technology, and new plumbing fixtures that greatly reduce the use of water. Part of the function of the plumbing service is to provide solutions for problems related to these new innovations.

Innovations in Maintenance and Service

New innovative techniques in plumbing take out the guesswork and introduce more efficient and effective methods of identifying the probable cause of leaks, clogs, and other plumbing-related problems. These new methods require more cost-effective and long-term solutions to everyday plumbing problems.

With the use of closed circuit television cameras attached to a flexible cord-like device, the interior of pipes can be checked, without dismantling or digging out the whole tube line. The camera at the tip of the cord sends out an image of the pipe interior and assists in identifying the cause of the problem. The process saves the plumber a lot of time and effort that should have been wasted without the camera. It saves the owner of the house or building from additional interior and exterior repair costs that may be incurred without the use of the camera.

Hydro Scrubbing or hydro jetting via high pressure hydraulic pumps entail applying water of up to 3500 psi to scour clogs, debris, and other obstructions from sewer pipes. This method is an alternative solution to traditional snaking techniques but require use of camera imaging prior to application. Advanced smoke detection methods utilizes lower pressure vapor to detect leaks.

Epoxy pipe lining is utilized mainly for repairs and maintenance of pipelines. When pipes become worn over time, plumbers usually sandblast the affected pipe, replace several sections, or replace the whole pipeline system. Nowadays, if the pipes are salvageable, an epoxy lining is applied to seal and prevent holes from expanding.

Benefits of Using New Technology

From relying on a hunch to having solid proof of the diagnosis, these new tools remove the speculative factor in plumbing. By introducing a faster and more efficient way of analyzing and targeting plumbing problems, solutions are immediately implemented before the problems worsens. In the long run, these new techniques help reduce service and maintenance costs.

These new technology may be daunting for those who have been working in the trade for a long time. However, these innovations have proven to be helpful in enhancing the skills of new plumbers and pushing the trade to a new professional level.

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