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ReikiLevel One Training

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Reiki Level One Training

Reiki is one of the most popular alternative forms of treatment that many people are gravitating towards. There are several different varieties of Reiki treatments available and Reiki training courses can vary significantly. Training is often based on the students understanding and knowledge of Reiki. The training of a beginner is entirely different than that of an intermediate or a master practitioner.
Anyone who is interested can easily acquire the skill of Reiki healing. You see it is innately within who we are and must only be made aware of and cultivated. There are three levels of training.
In level one of Reiki training, the course will enable the student to be introduced to life energy and what this exactly means when doing the Reiki treatment. This training will expose you to the healing energy of Reiki and it is often called an initiation.
The course will be taught by a Reiki Master who will teach you the best way to open your chakras so you can receive the full powerful Universal Life Force. As you move thru the training stages, each session will increase your understanding of the Life Force and at the same develop your relationship with the Universal Reiki Energy.
As a beginner, you will experience how it feels to have life essence circulating in your body and how to work with the powerful forces. In the first few lessons of Reiki training level 1, you will be taught how to deal with the energy force in your body and how to use it to treat others. This level is cultivating your Understanding of Reiki.
Once you begin to understand are capable of channeling the Reiki energy then you will move on to training level two. Without a clear understanding on the science of Reiki and personally experiencing the life forces in your body, progressing to the level 2 training will be a tough challenge.
Start today understanding and cultivating the essence that rests quietly within. The rewards and blessings are limitless as you awaken.
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Reiki Master In 48

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