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How to Set Up a LAN Network for Diablo 2

    • 1). Launch Diablo 2 on the computer that will be hosting the game. One player may also use this computer to play the game as well.

    • 2). Click on "Other Multiplayer" from the initial selection screen.

    • 3). Choose TCP/IP connection.

    • 4). Select "Host Game" from the menu.

    • 5). Write down the IP address which appears on the game startup screen. Other players will need this address in order to connect to your game.

    • 6). Begin the game on the first computer.

    • 7). Start Diablo 2 on each of the other computers. One copy of the game may be installed on each of the computers using the same disks and CD key or each player may have his own. Multiple CD keys are only necessary if playing on instead of through a LAN TCP/IP connection.

    • 8). Click "Other Multiplayer" and "Join Game" to begin the connection process.

    • 9). Enter the IP address of the host computer. All players can now join the first player's multiplayer Diablo 2 game.

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