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The Best Way to Clean a Garbage Disposal

    Cleaning the Sides of the Disposal

    • A low cost way to clean the inside of your disposal is to use vinegar and ice. Combine approximately two to three cups of ice with one cup of vinegar. Pour the mixture into the disposal. Turn the disposal on and run it for at least ten seconds. The ice will knock hardened sludge off of the disposal, and the vinegar will cut through grease and grime.

    Cleaning the Drain

    • Water sits in the line from the disposal to the sink drain. Keeping this line flushed after every use will stop unpleasant odors. Just running water is not enough. Plug the sink and turn on the hot water. Fill the sink 2/3 full and add dish soap. Pull the plug and turn on the disposal. This will completely flush the drain of any old standing water.

    Freshen the Disposal

    • You can freshen your garbage disposal and your kitchen at the same time. Place a few pieces of orange, lemon, or lime peel into the disposal and turn the disposal on. The grinding mechanism of the disposal will release the scent of the peel into the air and keep the disposal fresh smelling.


    • Perform the listed steps weekly to always keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh. You should flush the drain daily with hot soapy water. This will also help keep the sink from clogging up due to grease off of dishes, or if you pour grease down the drain.

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