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How to Naturally Rid Your Home and Pet of Fleas

    • 1). Try looking at the store (or asking) for Brewer's yeast. You give them little bits in their food, and it makes their blood taste bad to fleas, so the fleas don't stay on the pet.

    • 2). Powder EVERYTHING fabric, especially the carpet and where pets sleep with baking soda, rub it in, and then vacuum it out. This will help kill larva. Be sure to empty vacuum bin, or throw away the bag right after.

    • 3). Put dried mint, basil, lemon peel, and/or fennel under cushions/bedding and powder and rub it into the carpets. They smell nice to you, but fleas hate it.

    • 4). You can plant any of those herbs mentioned above, plus marigolds, near the house to repel fleas from the area.

    • 5). Also bathing the pets with some lemon juice can help, but don't do it if they have open sores from the fleas, as it will sting and be painful.

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